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CryptoLocker: solution and prevention

CryptoLocker is a trojan virus which inserts itself into Windows systems, making impossible to access data.

It belongs to the category of malwares, more specifically it is a ransomware. In infected computers, files are blocked; a red screen asks for an amount of money to release the system and a timer indicates the deadline.

Is it advised to pay the ransom?

The money required by CryptoLocker varies; generally, it does not exceed 500 Euros, expressed in MoneyPak vouchers or in Bitcoins, the untraceable internet currency.

There is a simple way to decrypt the files for free. Paying the ransom is thus not advised, even because the payment does not guarantee data recovery. Among those who decide to pay, only a few really recover their files. More often, the recovery is partial (with irreversible files’ loss) and in some cases, after paying, the victim gets a new pirate screen asking for more money, just like when the time expires.

How to remove CryptoLocker for free

By following this procedure it is possible to unblock the computer without paying:

  1. Connect to the website, the free solution for CryptoLocker;
  2. Fill in the form: insert a valid e-mail address, upload one of the encrypted files and copy the number shown in the picture in the box;
  3. Click on “Decrypt it!”;
  4. You will get an e-mail with a link to download the decryptlocker.exe software;
  5. Download and launch the program;
  6. Type the following string, substituting to <key> the key included in the e-mail:

Decryptolocker.exe – key “<key>” <name_of_encrypted_file>

CryptoLocker, viruses, trojans e malwares: what to do

If the solution for CryptoLocker does not work, the system was infected by a newer version of the malware, developed in order to prevent users from bypassing the ransom. For advanced and prompt support on the new versions, you can contact one of Audio Innova’s technicians, who will be able to provide remote support.

The definitive solution for CryptoLocker and other malwares, trojans and viruses is running both local (NAS, external or removable HDD) and remote (on dedicated servers) automated backups of data on daily basis.

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