Audio Innova’s education program includes Advanced and Specialization courses for companies and private citizens who wish to improve their competence in a specific area of ICT or Audio worlds.

Advanced and Specialization courses are directed to persons who already have basic competence about the topic and wish to raise the bar of their skill level. The educational experience is productive from a theoretical and especially a practical point of view. The specialized teachers illustrate the most innovative techniques and show the students how to concretely apply them to their activities. The students are supported in their activities till they become independent.

Times and terms of the Advanced and Specialization Courses are agreed and shared during the education program planning, according to the student’s objectives.

At the end of the Course students will receive a participation certificate, which could be attached to the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae.

Advanced and Specialization Courses include:

  • Advanced SEO Course;
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing Course;
  • Advanced CMS Course;
  • Advanced aiLEARN – Content editing Course;
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Course;
  • Advanced Network Course.


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