ctp informatica

Audio Innova’s professionals in Computer Forensics compile legal reports, provide expert advice, identify and present electronic evidences in trials.

They are available in order to support law offices and private citizens involved in civil and criminal trials. In their so necessary role of technical advisors, Audio Innova’s technicians gather evidences by taking advantage of techniques specifically developed for IT systems examinations.

By using innovative hardware and software instruments, they can identify, analyze and recover data from computers, smartphones, tablets, pen-drives and other devices and digital supports.

Audio Innova is specialized in the following areas of Computer Forensics:

  • Technical advice about investigations already performed by the examining magistrates;
  • Editing of reports about possible alterations and/or contamination of the evidences for malpractice/fraud;
  • Verification of the operative protocol employed;
  • Substitutive Conservation;
  • Social Engineering;
  • Forensic analysis of IT devices;
  • Collection of evidences with legal value (webpages, videos, photos, etc.).