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sicurezza informatica

Companies information, including the most sensitive one, is stored on digital supports.

Data protection and data privacy, then, represent an essential aspect of companies management.

In order to reinforce their IT infrastructure security, firms and private citizens must apply some technological and behavioural strategies.

In terms of technological measures, IT security applies a “concentric circles” approach:

  • Firewall and filters are applied to web browsing and mail servers (proxy) to prevent external access and to identify contents from the local network, providing perimeter security.
  • Antivirus and anti-malware applications are installed on every device, but only if they are constantly updated they are able to protect workstations and devices from the most common threats (which daily come from devices in the external and internal network).

Data must also be protected from unpredictable or malicious events, such as cancellation or theft.

Backups, which are data copies on local or remote archives, are the countermeasure to the first possibility. Softwares for easy management of backups are available.

Sophisticated data leak prevention systems can identify, track and prevent unauthorized data access and are applied in order to protect the archives from theft.

It is important that every user agrees to the company’s internal IT regulations. Employees and collaborators must be trained to the correct use of devices and to respect security procedures in order to avoid risk exposure for their company.

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