List of audio supports we can process to restore audio documents:

  • magnetic tapes:
    • open reel (different formats)
    • cassette
    • micro-cassette
  • phonographic discs:
    • 78 rpm
    • shellac discs (19 rpm – 90 rpm)
    • vinyl (33 rpm, 45 rpm)
  • wax cylinders
  • wire recordings


We create a “preservation master” including:

  • description
  • audio 96kHz/24bit
  • access copies with compressed audio (mp3 320kbps) or not compressed audio (48kHz/24bit) at your choice
  • photographic documentation

Interactive Multimedia Art Installations

Audio Innova team of experts took part in the creation of countless music productions and multimedia installations for important theatres and international festivals, including: Teatro alla Scala, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Neuchâtel Expo 2002.

Some operas were released also as music albums.

Learning Technologies

Hardware and software tools and custom solution for technologically enhanced learning.

Innovative teaching and training for inclusion and active participation for everyone in the classroom.

Top-Level Courses

Every top-level course is tailored for specific goals and objectives, as a one-to-one program or for small groups with similar knowledge.

Lessons and practical activities are meant to provide students with hands-on competence and high-level theoretical background, for a complete and highly qualifying training experience.

Event Organization

From design to planning, from management to PR of events, festivals and cultural and art exhibitions

Scientific, artistic and technical direction for events. both virtual and in attendance.