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One of the most effective systems to promote a company’s services or products is getting good positioning in the top search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.).

Audio Innova’s professionals in Search Engine Marketing help companies to become more and more present and competitive on the web.

In order to reach this goal, the two most effective systems are employed: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising.



Search Engine Optimization is the application of specific techniques in order to increase a website’s visibility on search engines. According to its customers’ goals, Audio Innova’s activity is directed toward the promotion of the company’s webpage, of a landing page or of third parties’ websites with link building and brand communication purposes.

Benefits of SEO

The application of SEO techniques to a web project ensures enduring results. SEO allows to develop and keep on high level the brand awareness, that is the trust toward the company or its products.

SEO Costs

The costs of SEO campaigns can be estimated in advance and include analysis, realization, report and maintenance of the results obtained. The effects are well measurable thanks to the detailed analytical reports provided by Audio Innova for its customers.

PPC Advertising


Pay Per click AdWords campaigns consist in the publication of promotional contents in strategic positions, optimized for the reference target. The most famous example is Google AdWords, which allows both to rank first in search engine results for specific queries and to attract the users’ attention by inserting banners in network related websites (display).

Benefits of PPC

The main benefits of PPC advertising are the speed in which the goal can be achieved and the precision in the identification of the target.

PPC Costs

PPC campaigns can be estimated in advance. During the project planning process, a daily budget is established; the system charges a fee for each click by the users on the insertion and stops the campaign when the cap is reached.

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