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Connecting, sharing and engaging are key elements in every digital marketing campaign.

Audio Innova supports companies in the wide and delicate world of the direct interaction with customers, in order to build, reinforce and promote their image and brand reputation through integrated Social Media Marketing campaigns.

The team of experts of Audio Innova develops customized projects through a step-by-step path analysis, including:

  • Analysis of the digital environments (social networks, blogs, forums, specialized portals) dealing with topics related to the company’s business;
  • Participation in specific debates and start of new discussions, which are fed in order to generate feedbacks and “word of mouth” among the users and to engage new ones;
  • Editorial planning for the diffusion of contents, specifically drawn up with the aim to value the reputation of the company or of specific products.

Thanks to the activity of Audio Innova professionals, companies gain immediate advantages in terms of link popularity, web popularity and brand reputation, which turn into increased interactions, new contacts and new customers. Companies improve their ROI (the returns on their online investments) index.

Audio Innova increases and manages the web presence of the companies also through:

  • Facebook Pages and insertions on Facebook;
  • Google+ Pages and Google AdWords;
  • Youtube Channels and insertions on Youtube;
  • Purchase groups and coupons;
  • Twitter accounting;
  • Social Media Sector (Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.);
  • Professional Newsletters;
  • Forums, mailing lists, portals and specialized websites.

The trend of the campaigns is constantly monitored. In order to build an open and proactive relationship with its customers, Audio Innova provides them with detailed analytical reports. The customers will thus be able to check and assess in real time the effectiveness of the strategies applied.

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