BoardOnAir™ is a glass marker-board that allows you to create videos while can physically facing the students – possibly including images and/or videos – and comment on them without any need for post-production work.

It is sufficient to start the recording and a possible slides presentation. Unlike chromakey studio shooting, here, the teacher can actually see what appears on the board, comment and underline it, and there is no need for further editing..

Hand writings on the board is automatically reversed (with no need for the teacher to write contrariwise!). The possible slides can be added as with a usual presentation.

BoardOnAir™ is based on the open sourced project by Michael Peshkin of the Northwestern University. It was carried out by Carlo Mariconda and Alberto Tonolo of the Department of Mathematics “Tullio Levi-Civita” of the University of Padua in collaboration with the illusionist Frank Cadillac, and it is commercialized by Audio Innova Srl, a spinoff of the University of Padua. It is already being used by the Padua University teachers to create numerous educational videos for courses and Moocs on the prestigious international platform Futurelearn:

Precalculus: the Mathematics of Numbers, Functions and Equations
Advanced Precalculus: Geometry, Trigonometry and Exponentials

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